January 11, 2021

Types of home insurance coverage

In the market for purchasing a new home? Once you do you want to protect this new home right? This is where the homeowner’s insurance is your knight and shining armor for those unexpected happening, and it is usually not at the best times either. Home insurance coverage protects covering the damage repair costs, so your budget is not damaged as well. Thus,home insurance seems vital, yet not all home insurance coverages are the same. Read on and let us be your Homeowners insurance guide.

Guide To Home Insurance Coverage

There are actually 8 Types of home insurances. Knowing what they are and what they entail will helpguide you in finding the right policy for you and your home and belongings.

Coverage Type 1

This is the simplest and most effective coverage. It targets single-family homes protecting the home and personal items from fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, theft, civil commotion, falling debris,aircraft, smoke, vandalism, and vehicles all at cash value.

 Coverage Type 2

Coverage type 2 has all the perks of the first type coverage, though it protects you more against certain accidents,such as

  • Freezing
  • Damage from snow, ice, sleet
  • Water overflow
  • Steam damage, cracking, burning, bulging, or tearing of build-in appliances (i.e., centralized air or heating unit, water heaters.)
  • Volcanic eruptions
  • Accidental Power surges

Coverage Type 3

The most recommended type because of its wide coverage. It protects not only your home but other buildings on your property as well (i.e., storage unit, barn) You are protected against everything in Coverage type 1 and 2. If you have any question on if it protects against anything else your policy will contain a list of was is considered a “peril”and what is excluded.

Coverage Type 4

Also referred to a renter’s insurance. This type of homeowner’s insurance only protects the renter’s personal items from protection should anyone get injured on the property they are renting, orshould they try to sue.

 Coverage Type 5

Called a comprehension form of homeowner’s insurance this is premium coverage. It includes all the protection from unfortunate unseen events that are in the coverage type 3 policy and more. To find out what talk to your insurance representative. Though due to getting this premium coverage, you will have to pay a bit of a higher premium price as well.

 Coverage Type 6

This is a homeowner’s insurance coverage for condo owners. This policy is just like regular homeowner insurance with all the benefits, but with some differences. It doesn’t cover the whole condo building,but instead the unit the person owns. So, should anything unfortunate happen in the condo unit whether it’s furnishing, or with the structure, they cover you.If anything outside happens that is the responsibility of the management of the condos.

 Coverage Type 7

Targeted at mobile homeowners, they aim thisinsurance policy to protect mobile homes. They get the same type of protectionfound in homeowners insurance coverage type 3 and often come with liability protection as well. Here is all that is considered to fit in under mobile homes though it is not limited to:

  • Modular homes
  • Trailers/travel trailers/fifth-wheel trailers
  • Single wide mobile/manufactured home
  • Double-wide mobile/manufactured home
  • Sectional homes
  • Park model homes
  • RVs are up for debate so it is best to ask your homeowner’s insurance representative on their own guide to homeowner’s insurance policy to find out.

 Coverage Type 8

Type 8 coverage is for those who do not fit the requirements for regular type homeowner’s insurance. This type is usually favored for those who have older homes. Older homes usually require a different kind of care, and the cost for repairs can be way costlier than the houseitself due to their out-of-date plumbing or wiring. If you try to get any othertype of insurance, they may require you to upgrade your home. Therefore,insurance companies handle these older homes in a different style as these homeowners want to keep their homes close to their original state.

 Finding Your Right Home Owners Insurance Policy

 Now, that you are well versed in homeowners insurance you may still, have questions. That is where a homeowner’s insurance representative can answer all your questions finding the right policy for you, your family, and your home.