October 30, 2022

How health insurance help in serious injury

A reliable health insurance policy is an essential item you should never forget to purchase. A good policy can cover unexpected sicknesses, checkups and vaccinations, diagnostic testing, and some injuries resulting from an accident. 

Are health insurance and accident coverage the same? Does health insurance cover accidents?

Health insurance and accident coverage are not the same things. However, health insurance can cover some of the aspects of getting into an accident. 

Health insurance is a comprehensive insurance policy that assists policyholders with various aspects of medical care. These policies give people access to lower costs for wellness checks, doctor's visits, hospital visits, medication, etc. 

A completely different type of insurance called accident insurance can provide benefits specifically designed for accidents. The supplemental policy covers conditions such as fractures, concussions, lacerations, and all the care involved with those injuries. 

Most accident insurance policies provide a lump sum benefit to claimants after the organization validates the claim.  

How do health insurance policies work? 

Most insurance policies have a monthly premium that gives the policyholder access to the coverage. That premium must be paid each month to keep the insurance active. Healthcare policies have annual deductibles the policyholder must meet before the insurance company shares any costs associated with care. They can range from $300 to as much as $7,500. 

Copays are small contributions a policyholder may have to pay to see a doctor or specialist. A coinsurance is a percentage of the service the covered person must pay for. For example, the policyholder might have to pay 20 percent of the cost of a medical procedure. 

A maximum out-of-pocket expense is the most a policyholder will spend on insurance before the insurance company pays 100 percent of the benefits. Each insurance company has different maxes.  

What do health insurance policies cover?

Health insurance policies cover many of the same things accident policies cover, but they don't issue the claimant a lump sum of money. They provide coverage for elements such as:

Diagnostic tests and X-rays: Your insurance policy may cover the total costs of certain diagnostic tests and X-rays you must take to determine the extent of an injury. 

Immunizations and well visits: Many insurance policies offer free vaccinations and annual checkups with reputable doctors. 

Prescription drugs and medications: Your policy will most likely cover some of the cost of your medications and prescriptions. It will probably pay a certain amount for brand-name items and a different amount for generic products. 

Doctor's visits: You can feel confident that your health insurance policy will pay for the bulk of your doctor's visits. 

Operations: Your medical coverage will look out for you if you need an operation. 

Fracture casting: Broken bones deserve immediate setting and care. Your policy will likely cover that as well. 

Burn care: If you burn yourself as a result of a fire, your policy will cover the care you receive. 

Childbirthing: Some health insurance policies cover maternity visits, hospital childbirth, and care for mother and child after the birth.  

Do you need health insurance and accident coverage?

It's always wise to get as much wellness-related coverage as you can. Thus, getting a health insurance policy and separate accident coverage might be in your best interest. However, you may be able to use the benefits associated with the standard health insurance policy until you can gather more funds to put toward accident coverage. 

How do you select the best health insurance policy?

You can use a few methods to select the best health insurance policy, but you'll need to know your budget and preference first. Think about how much you can afford to pay for a recurring monthly premium. Next, decide how much of a deductible you're comfortable with. Remember, they range from about $300 to several thousand dollars, but some $0-deductible policies exist. The deductible amount directly affects the premium amount, though. 

The suite of benefits, the company's reputation, and customer service should also play a role in your decision-making process. Therefore, you need to write down what you want to get from your policy and then use those details to narrow down your choices. A dedicated agent can help you navigate myriad options and land on the perfect policy much faster than you can on your own. 

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